About Me

I’m just a normal guy – young, professional (designer), I’m gay and have just had a fascination for guys bellybuttons since I was young. The fascination has turned into a mild obsession, but has kinda encompassed the whole male form – I don’t just like a nice navel – has to be framed by a nice stomach – abs and chest… (unless its a cropped youtube video and I can just imagine then).

Anywho, I have played with my navel… it’s naturally an innie, but I wish I had an outie… think they’re much hotter. Actually, I like variety… but anyway. I have sucked it out and made it into an outie, poked it with needles and pointy objects, melted wax in it… just for fun, ya know.

This site is for like-minded individuals, who appreciate a nice navel and perhaps like to torture it a little. Rationally, I know it’s a really bizarre fetish, but whatever. It’s hot. I go through phases, sometimes I totally forget about it… and then others all I wanna do is poke and pierce my navel.

(I have also signed up a youtube, so I can upload videos and whatnot… http://www.youtube.com/user/lickmybb is the link. If you like this site and you like bellybutton’s… subscribe!)

My Navel

My chest/body/navel

My Torturing

Here’s a video of me playing with a needle in my navel – I didn’t mean to do this, it kinda just happened – it didn’t hurt and there were no adverse side effects… felt good… here’s some pics too…

I pierced my navel right through the middle and made an outie/swirlie

I pierced my navel right through the middle and made an outie/swirlie

camera phone pic of the needle in my navel


6 responses to “About Me

  1. Erick

    WOOOOW im form mexico plase add me in msn

  2. estulove

    buen blog, me gusta tu videos
    saludos de argentina 😉

  3. Lily

    Wow, you have a beautiful body and a gorgeous bellybutton.

    Every so often there are times when I come across something that makes me wish I was a guy. This is one of those times.

    Keep doing what you do, it’s so damn sexy.


  4. Splitty

    Yes a real Beautiful Navel Buddy …!!

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